How to register for a webinar for medical students ?

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Since Covid 19, the world of education has been seriously affected and the medical field has not been spared! This pandemic has dramatically altered the traditional teaching style that medical students have become familiar with. In order to adapt to the various changes, a solution was developed to solve this problem: the webinar.

Better known as an « online seminar », the webinar is an opportunity to participate online with a coordinator and colleagues in a live conference. It is designed to allow students in the healthcare field to continue their education and benefit from a set of practical tips. Find out in this article, the procedure to follow to participate in a webinar for medical students.

Why participate in a webinar in medicine?

Webinars are now an integral part of modern medical education and not without reason! Indeed, this communication tool has many advantages. First of all, webinars allow medical students to deepen their knowledge in the field of health. On top of that, they get in touch with experts in the field. In fact, these online conferences combine pedagogy and interactivity. They are broadcast live to encourage interaction with the entire audience. You can also record and replay the live conference in case you did not attend.

webinar for medical students

Requirements to attend a webinar for medical students

To participate in a webinar, you must have the right tools. Among others, you need:

  • A stable internet connection so you don’t miss any part of the conference. The best way to do this is to opt for a wired connection and not the wifi.
  • A laptop with a camera is essential. If you don’t have a PC, you can also participate in the conference via your smartphone.
  • A microphone: the sound quality should not be a source of discomfort for you. If you have the opportunity, invest in a good quality headset!

How to participate in a webinar for medical students : the different steps

You want to participate in a webinar and you don’t know how to proceed? Here are the steps to follow:

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  • Find the webinar: Simply search online. Several online sites offer webinars for medical students. If you type in « webinar for medical students » on a search engine, you will surely get many results!
  • Get invited or request an invitation: Once you have found an interesting webinar, ask to be invited to attend the conference. Just click on the link or button « register here », « get invitation link » or similar. By doing so, you will receive a unique link with which you can join the session when the time comes.
  • Connect to the platform: At the time the webinar starts, click on the invitation link in your email. This will redirect you to the webinar platform.
  • Participate: You can now participate in your live conference. Feel free to interact with other participants by asking questions in the chat box.

With the webinar, you now have the opportunity to deepen your knowledge in your field. So don’t hesitate to register for upcoming online seminars !