What is a good team building activity ?

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Companies have understood that strengthening the cohesion of their teams is an undeniable asset for their growth. In this case, this involves the organization of team building activities. However, the essentials of good communication could get lost and that’s why you must find activities to do to keep them. So what team building activities should you try?

The right team building activities to try together

A good team building activity is nothing more than one that strengthens bonds, improves communication, and entertains team members. There are quite a few to try out if you’re together.

Cycling together to discover your city is a good physical activity to have a good time in a team. For this purpose, organizations will help you discover unknown places in the city through guided tours.

Also, try out the Dragon Boat to spend time outdoors and promote coordination between team members. This sport involves rowing together in a boat to reach the finish line as quickly as possible. It is accessible to everyone. Groups of 20 people and more can organize friendly competitions between them.

What about mini golf? This team building activity is cheaper than classic golf and more accessible to everyone. These are the advantages of mini golf. Mix up work teams to get the most out of this activity. The benefit to be drawn from this is to facilitate communication between departments.

Second, cooking as a team not only helps you function better together, but it also allows you to learn healthy recipes. The activity is also ideal for discovering certain cultures of your team.

Finally, try public speaking. This activity promotes public speaking even during meetings. Each person prepares to speak with his colleagues to reduce anxiety and shame. The team gets to know each other from an original angle, which will reduce barriers.

The right remote team building activities

Team managers who work remotely must constantly come up with new ways to engage and connect employees. This includes building and maintaining strong relationships in the team. There are also good team building activities in this dynamic.

You have the option of creating a virtual office. Encourage your team to come online in the morning and work normally with an active video chat. This means that an informal conversation can take place while your team is functioning. Thus, employees can motivate each other.

A very easy way to build team cohesion is to post daily snapshots. Every day, encourage your colleagues to post a photo of something from their everyday life. It could be the new sweater they are using for example.

Finally, a good idea for a remote team building activity is to post inspirational quotes. It’s a simple way to connect team members through values ​​to cultivate. All the members of the team will be able to participate in a progressive way, which will boost the productivity of the company. Finally, a good team building activity is one that strengthens bonds, whether you are together or from a distance.