Why do people think that the quran is better than the bible ?

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In religion, the war of antitheses does not date from today. Between concepts, myths, and abstract theories, both defend their beliefs to the detriment of those of others. It is with good reason that between Christians and Muslims, the Bible and the Koran are at the heart of antagonistic arguments.

Some say the Quran is the greatest of the sacred books

The Qur’an contains the sacred writings of the Divine Prophet Father of Islam. The illustrious sacred man reveals his journey to conquer Allah. By reading, reciting, and putting into practice the words of its verses, followers of the Islamic religion have been able to live enriching experiences to which they testify. It is also said that with some verses a godly man is able to perform miracles by the grace of God.

In contrast, what undermines the sacredness of the Bible as used by Christians today is the transition from the Old to the New Testament. Many people out of curiosity wonder about the reasons which motivated the humanoids to modify the sacred writings of the apostles of Christ.

New religions also use the Bible and modify it as they see fit and according to their purposes. All this generosity in the face of divine realities pushes Muslims to better focus on their Koran. They maintain that they will never let a group of individuals touch the writings of the Three Times Saint Muhammad.

The 4 gospels of the Bible would not be the only ones. Scientific sources claim that Jesus had more than 12 apostles who also left messages. But where have these sacred gospels gone? These are all questions that weaken the reliability of the Bible.

Others think the Bible best sums up the path humanity should take

Basically, the Bible sums up the cosmic drama. This is the secret path taken by the Divine Rabbi of Galilee. This is the path that all Christians around the world are called to follow. Since Jesus came to show us the way and no millennial entity has disputed the existence of this messenger and son of God, it becomes evident that we should follow in his footsteps. This is what the Christian community thinks. So the Bible is for them the parchment of humanity.

The Bible contains sacred verses and parable writings that only Christians can detect. However, they do not say anything derogatory about the Quran. But if they prefer the Bible, it is because according to them Jesus would be the last Prophet. On the other hand, Muslims maintain that after Jesus there was Muhammad (which is true after history), hence the last indicated path is that of Muhammad.

What to take from all this ?

For the more enlightened, there is no question of sinking into fanaticism. The most important thing is to practice your own spirituality, whether it directs us to the Bible or the Koran. However, it must be recognized that the Bible has not ceased to have ramifications since the 17th century. Regarding the Koran, no pejorative story leaks out.