How much does a private bus driver make ?

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Working for a monthly salary, the private bus driver spends most of his time in traffic. He is an essential actor for public transport operations. He transports students, travelers, and tourists to their various destinations. How much is he paid?

The monthly salary of a private bus driver

Addressing the salary value of a private bus driver amounts to giving a range of salary trends in this profession. Indeed, the monthly remuneration of a bus driver is never fixed. It usually depends on many factors such as the number of kilometers, the risks and the seniority.

However, a study carried out in the private bus transport sector provides a rough idea of ​​the gross salary excluding the premium of a driver. Taking seniority into account, the salary of a driver with 2 years of driving experience is around 1,452 euros per month. This is indeed the gross salary of a novice bus driver.

On the other hand, a bus driver who has reached 8 years of service can receive up to 1,597 euros per month, which is a surplus of 145 euros over a novice driver. As for a seasoned bus driver having exceeded 25 years of service, he can receive a monthly gross salary of 1,839 euros and more.

What training is required to become a bus driver?

Private bus driver is a fairly sensitive job due to the number of passengers that this type of vehicle carries. For this reason, drivers are required to have a perfect command of traffic codes and great vigilance. That is why it is imperative to fulfill certain conditions before becoming a private bus driver. You have to be trained in areas related to road transport.

First, you must be at least 21 years old and hold a category D or C driving license. Then you must take part in the Compulsory Initial Training (MIF). It is indeed training that promotes the obtaining of the professional qualification of road driver. It lasts between 6 and 7 weeks for holders of a driving license and is 12 weeks firm for non-holders.

The CAP of reception and road management agent, passenger transport option is a diploma recognized by the State. It gives the right to exercise the profession of a private bus driver. The diploma is obtained after 2 years of training.

You also have the option of continuing your studies in order to obtain a BAC pro transport to become a private bus driver. A state diploma, the BAC pro is issued by the Ministry of National Education. It also gives its holders the right to exercise the profession of a private bus driver.

The Professional Training Certificate (CFP) Road Driver option travelers is issued by the State. It is a document that certifies your eligibility to drive a public transport vehicle. It, therefore, makes it possible to effectively exercise the profession of a private bus driver.

Finally, there is AFPA vocational training. It widens your driving range. Highly recommended, it allows you to obtain the title of Interurban Road Transport Driver (CTRIV).