Who can provide a patio installation ?

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Building a patio is not a task for just anyone. It is indeed a project that deserves certain know-how and experience for its realization. It is therefore important to be well-informed in order to identify the professional to whom you owe the installation of your patio.

Entrust the installation of your patio to a building contractor

Do-it-yourselfer at heart can take care of installing a patio in their home. Please note, this option is only valid in the case of a small patio. It would take you no more than a week to complete the work. So, of course, it all depends on the size of your patio project and your personal abilities.

At the same time, the requirements of the construction site come into play. It is quite easy to set up a small patio on a flat surface. To do this, in principle, you have to follow five main steps. The first is the preparation of the site which consists in particular in delimiting it by placing a stake in each of its corners and in attaching a rope between the piles. This step is followed by the establishment of the border made of aluminum or plastic. Subsequently, it will be necessary to backfill the first time before paving the surface. The final step will consist of a second backfill. Do not hesitate to watch the many “Do-It-Yourself” videos available online on the subject.

Things get more complicated when the construction site has irregular shapes. In this case, finding a usable space is a real challenge that only a building contractor can meet. Among other things, he will have to think about the development of a steel or concrete perimeter and a possible drainage device.

While it can be fun to take care of the construction of your patio yourself, consulting a professional is strongly recommended. In doing so, you can fully rely on their expertise during all stages of the process.

Keep in mind that each city has its own legislation regarding the construction of a patio. Once you have agreed on a plan with the contractor, the latter will determine whether it complies with the regulations in force. The specialist will also help you limit the related property taxes. In most cities, the increase in these taxes depends on the cost of installing the patio and the new value of the property.

How much does it cost to install a patio by a professional?

It is the material used that defines the labor cost for installing a patio. For a basic patio made of gravel, plan on spending $ 4 per square meter. A stamped concrete patio, on the other hand, will cost around $ 25 per square meter.

The construction of a 12-meter x 18-meter patio, made of cobblestones, will cost a total of $ 5,400. However, of this amount, only $ 2,000 is the labor cost. The remainder covers the cost of paving stones, sand and gravel as well as the costs of equipment and delivery.