How to install mysql server on windows ?

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MySQL is a database management system that uses SQL language as its interface. It is currently one of the most popular and widely used database systems: Google, Adobe, Alcatel, etc. Its installation on Windows requires some advice from experts in this field.

Installing the MySQL software

Before starting to use MySQL, you should first install it on your computer. To do this, you must first download the software from its site by choosing the Windows OS. However, it should be noted that the Windows installer requires having the Framework. NET 4 installed. Otherwise, you can download it from Microsoft’s website and install it on your computer before installing MySQL.

The software download must be done with an installer (MSI installer) which starts and guides you after executing the downloaded file. After accepting the license, it suggests several types of installation, the choice of which must be “Custom” like choosing the default installation which will install several programs. Then, on the interface that will be displayed, we must deselect the non-essential applications and connectors except for MySQL, the only essential element. Finally, the installation can be started, which once finished, would allow you to go to the configuration of MySQL.

Configuring MySQL on Windows

The second step in the installation of the MySQL server on Windows refers to its configuration. It allows you to choose a password for the default user since the options have previously been left at the default configuration. Thus, you should now open the command line program commonly called “Command Prompt”, if your Windows is French-speaking; and “Command Prompt”, if it is English. It is recommended to use “Command Prompt” like the “MySQL Command Line” utility which is installed at the same time as MySQL.

“Command Prompt” having to know where the programs are, it will be essential to add the path to MySQL to the explored folders to be able to use the MySQL client programs. On the way to MySQL located in the explorer, there is the “bin” which is an important element, because this is where the client programs are located. This would allow proper execution of the configure command.

Using MySQL for the first time

After installing and configuring MySQL, you should remember to change the password of the root user. When installing MySQL, several mini-software are installed at the same time: a MySQL database server and several client software that promote interaction with the server. Thus, the MySQL client is started by command by simply writing its name on “Command Prompt”.

Three points must be entered: the host, username and password of the user. This would allow a first connection with the root user. To disconnect, it would be enough to use the command “quit” or “exit”. Thus, it is possible to be able to discuss with the server, but only in SQL language. A welcome message is displayed: “Hi Word”, from there you can start to place orders without forgetting the semicolon (;) at the end.