How to apply for a museum collections jobs ?

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Museum collections jobs can be very rewarding. However, it is an over-subscribed sector with a lot of competition for paid roles especially since the pandemic began. So, to land a job in this environment, you need to stand out and have an impeccable application. Here are all the tips for applying for a job in museum collections.

Target the job that suits you

There are several jobs in museum collections: collections database administrator, collections manager, production manager, heritage restoration, art registrar, archivist, curator, etc. Each role requires specific skills. So don’t apply for everything! The best thing to do is to define the scope of your search. To do this, map out your background and expectations: Do you have more experience in a particular field? Do you want to reorient yourself? Do you want to work part-time or full-time? Would a job in another location be a better fit for you? Mapping will guide you through your search and help you stay on track.

Write a good resume for museum collections jobs

To have a better chance of landing a job in museum collections, you need to send a good resume. Be aware that there are a lot of applications and few positions. So try to stand out from the crowd! Your resume should:

  • Have a clear title: the best thing to do is to adapt the title to the targeted position.
  • Be simple and concise: generally, it is recommended that your resume be one page long.
  • Present your educational background
  • Highlight your professional skills: here, present the experiences related to the targeted position.
  • Have your photo
  • Have no spelling and grammatical errors

In fact, write a resume that meets the criteria. The recruiter should be left with a file that meets the various requirements.

NB: above all, do not lie about your skills or work experience. Even if the resume catches the employer’s attention, there is a good chance that you will not be able to pass the interview. So, the best thing to do is to be honest.


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Also think about the cover letter

Just like the resume, the cover letter must be adapted to the job. It is an opportunity to better highlight your skills and merits. To do this, mention the following subjects:

  • Why your experience makes you an asset to the museum
  • Your expectations of the job.
  • The talents and skills that are useful for the position
  • What specifically interests you about the job

Once you have completed the cover letter, ask someone else to read it. If you have someone close to you who works in the same industry, ask for their opinion! His or her advice will be beneficial to you in fine-tuning your application.

Submit your application

Applications are usually submitted in one of three ways:

  • In person
  • Online
  • By mail

Regardless of the channel you use, be sure to follow all instructions. For example, if you apply online and the museum asks to send your cover letter in the body of the message, don’t attach it! Following instructions will increase your chances of getting on the short list.

If you have the opportunity, check the status of your application. This will reflect your interest in the position. Also, a good LinkedIn profile very often plays into getting a job, even if it’s a museum collection. So don’t forget to update it regularly!!