How to find a lost dog quickly with our tips?

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Dogs are humans most reliable pets and are usually the most trusted animals. However, when these dogs get missing, it is usually a sad day for the owners. Knowing what to do when looking for your lost dog isn’t easy, especially for those who haven’t experienced such before. Here are some vital tips that could come in handy when finding a lost dog quickly.

Use familiar home items

A plethora of lost dogs is usually located within 30 minutes when a search is conducted in your locality. Immediately, you notice your puppy is missing, get a leash, a familiar toy and some dog accessories and hit the road.

Think intelligently

Be smart and don’t be rash. Gather information about your dog’s age color and personality. These will help you determine where the dog will likely be. A foodie dog will like to be close to restaurants, a sporty dog ​​will likely be in fields.

Remain at home

This is quite complicated especially for those who are close to the lost dig. But moving frantically about looking for a lost dog doesn’t guarantee you will see it. Common errors most dog owners make with missing pets are roaming around.

Employ the services of a search dog

When waiting at home seems long, get a friend search dog to track your lost dog. Trained dogs know how to trace a scent and this can let you find your missing pet quickly.

Tell your neighbors

Alert your tenants and member of your locality with the appropriate description of your dog. There can’t be too many eyes on the street. The possibility that one of your neighbors will see it is high especially for those that stay in small towns.

Create a lost Dog poster

​​​​​​ This is very important as it will contain vital information that will make the dog search easy. Information to be written on the poster is:

  • Picture
  • Age
  • Pet Name
  • Your contact information. (This should include email, phone number and address.)

The above information should be written in bold fonts, if you can avoid colored text.

Go online

We are on the internet age, and it will be easier to find your lost dog using online services. Go to pet groups and used social networks like Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

Talk to your local animal center

It is imperative to contact the closest animal care center to find out if your missing dog is there. Most local centers are filled with lost pets looking for owners.

Visit the Vet

Find the closest Vet doctors close to you because many people who find stray dogs take them to the local vet office for immediate medical treatment. You could send your lost dog poster to several Veterinary offices in your neighborhood.

Speak to a Microchip Firm

If you are still confused about what to do when looking for a lost dog, call your microchip company if your dog is chipped. They will be able to track the location of your missing dog easily. They have technological resources that will facilitate such a process.

Never attempt to chase the Dog

If you are lucky to spot your lost dog, don’t chase it. Some dogs will run away because they feel threatened. Gradually move close to it and bring the dog home.

Finding a lost dog isn’t easy, however, using the above-mentioned tips will make finding your lost dog easy.