How far can you install inground above ground swimming pool ?

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Installing a swimming pool, regardless of type, requires compliance with certain laws and regulations. When you decide to install an inground above-ground pool, certain provisions and conditions must be considered and respected. Discover here what you need to know to install your inground swimming pool legally.

Obtain a building permit for an above ground swimming pool in certain cases

The building permit is an essential document only when you want to install an in-ground swimming pool. This is the case, for example, with a swimming pool installation where the pool depth exceeds 100 m2. Obtaining a building permit would therefore not be necessary when you need to build an above-ground swimming pool, whether it be wooden or free-standing.

However, if your project involves the construction of an above-ground swimming pool reaching a height of 1m80 and 20 min 2 s, the authorization of your town hall becomes essential. So, you can already get closer to the town planning department of your city. This measure is therefore mandatory to be taken into account before proceeding with any installation. If a pool with these characteristics does not meet its measures, the owner could face severe penalties.

Carry out the declaration of work for the construction of an above-ground swimming pool

To install an inground pool above ground, the other measure is to declare the construction work. This is all the more necessary when the height of your swimming pool is more than one meter and if the latter measures more than 10 min 2 s. Indeed, it is a document attesting to the effective construction of your pond. This takes the form of a form to be completed and submitted to the town hall with the support of certain supporting documents. Thus, for the construction of an above-ground swimming pool of less than 10 min 2 s, no declaration or even administrative procedure will be required.

In addition, it is advisable to install your swimming pool less than 3 meters from the limits of the house. This is a regulatory distance that will not cause inconvenience to the neighborhood during your moments of relaxation. However, if the construction of the swimming pool is to take less than 20 min 2 s, it is important to notify this in the declaration of work. In addition, it is possible to contact the town hall of your city for more details on the other measures to be observed. In reality, these can vary from city to city. However, the key to ensuring the safety of your above-ground swimming pool installation is to comply with all swimming pool regulations.

Ensure the safety of swimmers

It is essential to cover the swimming pool when you have grandchildren. Also, remember to equip them with an armband when they are about to swim with little experience. These preceding provisions should not be neglected even if your pool is not deep like free-standing or inflatable swimming pools. Finally, it is also important to have pH or chlorine control kits to regulate or analyze these elements in your pool.

You now know all the steps to take to install your inground above-ground pool. If you respect all these provisions, you will be able to install your swimming pool in a legal manner.