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Casino games can be grouped into table games, slots, and live dealers. These games come in various versions depending on the online bookie you are using.

Poker is a very popular card game in Europe and America. However, beginners don’t understand the rules of the game, which leads to regular losses. We will be discussing how to play Polish poker.

What is Polish poker?

Polish poker, also known as Golf, is a card game where two or more gamblers aim to outscore one another. In the game, each player has several cards laid down, which can be replaced with new cards if a player draws from the discard pile.

This card game aims to make the layout scores as small as possible. Card lovers can play a series of 9 or 18 deals, but must ensure they keep their card scores at the barest minimum.

The rules of the Polish poker game

To understand how to play Polish poker, you have to learn the rules to increase your winning possibilities.


The most important rule of Polish Poker is to ensure you score the lowest points. This is possible when players finish each hand with multiple pairs and low-scoring cards.


Only two or more gamblers are allowed to play this casino game. However, in an ideal situation, it is usually four to 10.


Decks are where your cards are kept, including jokers. The cards are 108 in number.

Poker card values

You can find below the polish poker’s card values :

Card ValueScore
Ace1 point
2-2 points
3-10Same as face value
Jacks10 points
Queens10 points
Kings0 points
Pair of any value0 points

Also, note that a pair of cards, irrespective of their card value, is worth zero. Only jokers are exceptions because a pair of jokers is worth – 6 points. Suit cards are worthless.


When learning how to know how to play Polish poker, know that all players must deal clockwise. When all players have been served, the remaining cards on the deck are placed at the table and players can draw when necessary.

Polish poker players arrange their cards on the table in rows of three, while the top cards are faced up, others remain face down.

Card Play

The game starts with the gambler to the dealer’s left side, however, it proceeds clockwise with each turn. The players start their turn by drawing a top card from the draw pile.

When drawing a card, players must replace a card with their hands. They can choose to replace the top cards if they are the only cards facing up.

But if the bottom four cards have been changed, the top cards will be immediately frozen and won’t be replaced till the round ends. However, whatever happens, happens, the bottom cards can be replaced.


When the round ends, every player must turn over their facedown cards. The points are then tallied and calculated based on point values. When no player points reach 150, the game continues to a new round, and then the gambler to the dealer’s left has the chance to deal.

Game ends

The game comes to an end when a player reaches 150 points. Any player with the lowest scores is the winner. Polish poker is an interesting game that has many unique rules.

Most top casinos in Europe offer this game, however, you will have to learn how to play Polish poker before you can make money from it.