How do I get student home insurance ?

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What is the process for obtaining student home insurance?

As a general rule, an individual or professional renting a building must take out a home insurance policy. This same principle applies to students wishing to rent a property during their university studies. Without a certificate validated by a mutual insurance company, the student will not be able to conclude a contract with a landlord. However, before taking out a home insurance policy during university cursus, it is important to take the following steps into account.

Why is this plan essential?

By definition, student housing insurance is intended to cover losses that may occur in the rented apartment. Even though in most cases there is no risk to the house, it is wise to anticipate the worst. You should know that almost all coverage plans are indeed random, but beneficial in many ways. So here are the advantages of taking out a student housing insurance policy:

  • To provide for partial or complete refund following a natural disaster, fire, etc;
  • To compensate the equipment or furniture in the event of vandalism or theft;
  • To serve as a legal argument if a litigation arises with the lessor.

Home insurance student cover: What is included in the package? 

Unless you have precious objects to protect, a basic insurance policy will suit a student. This guarantee allows him to protect himself against the rental risks or damages caused to the apartment, the apartment or the room rented in a university residence.

As opposed to the standard plan, multi-risk student housing insurance mainly covers common incidents. This could include fire, flood, explosion or natural disaster.

How can I find the best price for insurance?

Affordable coverage is available if you do some research online. In order to economize your budget, pay attention to the following criteria:

  • the cost of home insurance ;
  • the responsiveness of the customer service by email, phone or chat;
  • the possibility of easy online contract management.

The steps to subscribe

Just like a traditional insurance policy, here are the steps involved in purchasing a student home insurance policy:

First step

The first step is to choose a mutual insurance company that mostly suits your needs. But in order to find a professional offering a suitable package, it is necessary to compare entities offering similar packages.

Second step

In this second step, you can provide essential information to the mutual insurance company for the conclusion of your agreement. Generally, the financial entity will ask you for the area of the rented accommodation as well as its condition. By referring to this information, it will be easier to determine the offer that corresponds to your student profile. In addition, this information will serve as the basis for formulating an insurance proposal. Using this quote, you will be able to estimate whether the offer is beneficial to you or not. Also, don’t hesitate to use this document to compare rates with several insurance companies.


Finally, if the student home insurance offered in the quote is suitable for you, you just need to sign the contract. Once you have signed the policy, the offer remains valid and protects you from any risks that may arise in your rental accommodation. 

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