How to create a chatbot free for more conversions on your website ?

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Do you want to increase the conversion rate of your website? Chatbots are one of the best marketing tools today. They allow you to engage in conversation with your prospects and turn them into customers. How to create a free chatbot for more conversions on your website? Here are the different steps!

Create a chatbot for your website in 4 steps

Creating a free chatbot on a website requires a number of steps, namely:

Step 1: check the bot intervention cases

A very important step is to define the key conditions under which the software is supposed to react. The list of circumstances being long, we can reference the most important:

  • In the event of an order follow-up request;
  • In the event of a request for a duplicate invoice;
  • In case of price request.

Depending on the type and prospecting of your website, the intervention conditions may vary. It is, therefore, necessary to prioritize 1 to 5 conditions or key questions followed by their answers to make your free chatbot more active.

Step 2: Create a Conversational Design Prototype

The point here is to define the form that the conversation could take between the bot and the client. It could be a conversational bubble or a full-screen conversation where the bot automatically responds to the customer’s question:

  • Build a common Excel file, Asana or Wrike containing questions, discussion flows, answers or errors and connection with CRM;
  • Define the tasks to be launched by the bot;
  • Finally, test the bot by engaging in a conversation.

Step 3: optimize the questions/answers

Since machine language differs greatly from that of humans, it is, therefore, imperative to optimize the questions and answers assigned to your free chatbot. You can also set it up to have a sense of humor or teach your software to respond faithfully.

Step 4: train your bot

Training your bot is much more important. This is an adequate way to detect errors that the machine might make. As you see shortcomings, you can fix them to hone your bot.

The different types of chatbot

Created for the first time by Joseph Weizenbaum under the name of ELIZA, the chatbot was revolutionized over time and has become an important tool for companies of the 21st century. There are currently three types of chatbot:

  • The social network chatbot

Very popular, it is the most used software by companies. These are Facebook Messenger bot, WhatsApp bot, slack bot, skype bot, and telegram bot.

  • The chatbot organized in arborescence

Quick to set up, its operation is based on a scenario because it is assigned missions to accomplish, and answers or questions to issue.

  • The artificial intelligence chatbot

Operating based on an AI, it is renowned for its ability to understand human language (grammar, vocabulary, punctuation rules, etc.)

Although relatively easy, creating a free chatbot on a website requires some basic computer skills.