How to disconnect house alarm ?

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As security techniques have evolved considerably, several types of alarms exist. Essential tools for securing your home, it is important to master their operation. Find out about the different methods you can use to turn off your home alarm.

Deactivation from the alarm center

The alarm center is like the brains of your alarm system. It manages all the information relating to its operation, activation or configuration. When the detectors perceive suspicious activity, signals are sent to the alarm center which triggers the alert. There are some that are wired or wireless. They should be installed in the center of your home to prevent potential intruders from accessing them. This arrangement also allows you to have easy access to it. Stopping your alarm from the control panel is only possible in partial protection mode. To do so, tap on the open padlock icon. The protection mode activated is the one flashing on your alarm center. Just turn it off by tapping on it.

Stop its operation from the badge reader

You can deactivate your alarm easily using the access badge reader. This is a very convenient method of doing this, as it does not require entering a code. To stop the alarm, all you need to do is present your contactless badge to the reader. The latter first checks the validity of your badge before then deactivating the alarm. The reader indicator lights up in green or red depending on whether the badge is validated or not. There is however a risk of intrusion which is possible with this method. In the event that a malicious person manages to get their hands on your badge, a security problem could arise.

Using a remote control

The remote control allows you to control your alarm remotely, without going near the control unit or the access badge reader. It generally has a range of around 100 meters. With the remote control, it is possible to deactivate the total protection mode. When you request a function from it, an indicator lights up to confirm that your request has been taken into account. Wireless alarms are very often controllable by remote control. It helps you to safely access protected areas of your home. This has the advantage of allowing remote handling. However, you must be careful not to leave it within reach of everyone. Keep it away from prying eyes.

How to disconnect an alarm?

First, find the main alarm panel (metal box). Disconnect the alarm by turning off the low voltage transformer to turn off the AC power. Then open the locked alarm center. The goal is to be able to find and disconnect all keyboards, sirens, and alert sounds to stop the noise. You can also wiggle the connector from side to side to disconnect the battery leads. To break the circuit and turn off the AC power, find the screws labeled AC and Power. Unscrew, finally, the first then remove the thread of the second. This allows you to break the circuit to shut off the AC power to disconnect your alarm.