Consolidating your network foundations: the role of integrated DDI (IPAM-DNS-DHCP) in retail

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It is estimated that the IoT will result in over 26 billion units by 2020 and will require approximately millions of devices. So, how do you intend to properly manage and allocate all these new IP addresses? Organisations can use DDI (IPAM/DNS/DHCP) to centralise network services and improve network availability while reducing their operating costs and simplify the administration of this critical infrastructure.

All you need to know about integrated DDI (IPAM/DNS/DHCP):

Smart DDI solutions consolidate and centralise the management of DNS/DHCP services and IPAM. They help have a better view of your network infrastructure and introduce redundancy– an essential element to efficiently manage your network.

Companies usually consider implementing a DDI solution when they start looking for other ways of managing IP addresses– that is, instead of rudimentary tools, such as spreadsheets- and when they want to improve their way of managing network services. Here are some of the main advantages provided by smart DDI (IPAM-DHCP-DNS), and how they can help you reach these goals:

  • They facilitate the management of IP addresses, and of DNS and DHCP servers;
  • They improve the visibility of your network system;
  • They offer regular reporting for devices attached to the network;
  • They help you manage and support a growing number of devices, including BOYD (Bring your Own Device);
  • The tasks associated with network management can be delegated to less experienced administrators.

By efficiently helping organisations manage their network, integrated DDI (IPAM-DHCP-DNS) support business growth and help you make significant profits. There exist several types of vendors who provide DDI solutions; yet, most of them typically include a hardware/software price and a yearly maintenance fee. It is also worth noting that DDI vendors also usually propose a negotiated discount rate. Read more on!

Some DDI solutions can also prevent numerous DNS attacks, such as cache poisoning or Denial of Service (DoS). Many DDI vendors- such as for example EfficientIP– provide other software products dedicated to network security and/or network management.


The role of DDI solutions (IPAM-DNS-DHCP) in retail businesses

Every modern shop is full of tools that are bringing about new ways of selling, and slowly change the face of retail. However, retail businesses also have to be able to handle a growing number of IP addresses.

An efficient management of IP addresses, DNS and DHCP servers are important tools in this sector, and help businesses manage resources effectively and maintain business continuity as their services highly rely on the use of the Internet. DDI solutions are indeed especially important for this sector, since every store is connected and has to provide online services to its customers.

Smart DDI (IPAM-DNS-DHCP) also help retail enforce network policies that can significantly maximise their resource usage. Another important role of DDI is to deliver resources with no delay.

In today’s connected world, retail businesses have to offer new digital transformation and to offer a dynamic and changing set of services. DDI (IPAM-DNS-DHCP) give every retail the flexibility and reliability it needs to deliver projects and save time and reduce time-to-market.