How much does it cost to do seo optimization ?

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Achieving good visibility is a major task facing digital communication practitioners. Thus, for good positioning of websites and web applications, professionals very often resort to SEO optimization. Also called natural referencing, SEO optimization makes it possible to display a website or an application in the first results of search engines. So, what budget should you plan to boost the SEO performance of an online platform?

SEO optimization: budget estimate

The cost of performing SEO optimization work is not a static figure. The price is dynamic and varies according to the nature of the website, its complexity, and its content. Basically, the cost of implementing SEO is billed from 500 euros. Depending on the extent of SEO optimization, the hourly rate for SEO agencies or consultants can be between 70 and 500 euros per hour.

The budget for performing SEO optimization for showcase sites and e-commerce sites ranges from 800 to 2,700 euros on average per year. In other words, the costs of full service for a showcase site are around 100 to 150 euros per month and can also exceed. For the e-commerce site, 170 to 250 euros per month will be enough to initiate the realization of SEO optimization. These costs are indicative and may still be readjusted.

The SEO service includes advice, direct intervention on the website, etc. In other skies, a one-off natural referencing project can cost up to 30,000 euros depending on the various needs and the notoriety of the web platform. It sometimes happens that SEO agencies and consultants do their quotes on daily invoicing. There, the cost of services is set at a minimum of 300 euros. It can evolve to 800 euros, or even more.

What is often very noticed is that the rates are for the most part periodic and group together billings by level and well detailed. An estimate of this size makes it possible to produce a natural referencing strategy that combines all the highly professional tools in the field. In addition to these estimates, it is important to do an audit of the site upstream.

The estimated cost of an SEO audit

Performing a prior audit before any SEO optimization action is a recommendation of first necessity. The cost of an SEO audit is assessed differently depending on the realities to be taken into account and the type of service provider. Indeed, while some consultants charge it at 200 euros per hour, other providers or freelancers do so at tens of euros per day. In any case, it should be noted that the average cost of an SEO audit varies between 75 and 150 euros per hour.

It emerges from this analysis that the price of an SEO audit varies depending on the chosen provider. The mistake that some companies often make is to want to bet on the low price at all costs. This is of course quite normal, but not necessarily the guarantee of quality service. This way of proceeding betrays the performance of the site and therefore the returns expected by the company.

From all the above, it emerges that with a monthly budget of 10,000 euros, SEO optimization can be carried out as efficiently as possible. In any case, it should always be remembered that quality reflects the performance of a business.