What companies allow you to print a gift card ?

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In the era of modernization, gift certificates have been abandoned in favor of gift cards. Indeed, the latter is easier to use in addition to being more secure. They are designed in an environmentally friendly way, either in cardboard or recyclable plastic. There are several companies that allow you to print these gift cards. This article will tell you all about them.

How gift cards work

The gift card can be received by the customer following two options. It can be set to a value that will be printed on the card or on the packaging. It can also have a variable value. That is to say, it will be up to the customer to choose the amount by activating it via the cash register or through the website. In fact, in several European countries, particularly in France, the card can be used several times before the expiry date (12 months after activation). Others remain valid even beyond these 12 months, this is the case for new cards that have appeared on the market.

Regarding the activation of the gift card, it is the key element that allows the beneficiary to use it. This step is done during its purchase. It is done in stages. First, during the purchase, the cashier scans the type of card as well as its serial number. This information can be represented in the form of bars or be found in the magnetic track.

Then the activation request will be sent to a central server. This in turn will process the information. It will determine if the card is indeed existing before validating it. This verification is done by comparing whether the information reported by the cashier does indeed correspond to that of the central server. Thus, in case they are validated a sort of receipt will be given to the customer.

In this case, a return message will be sent to the cashier to inform him of the inactivation of the card. This can happen when the card has been activated beforehand or if it is blacklisted. Finally, after activating the gift card, the beneficiary can use it. But under two conditions:

First, the card must be presented at acceptance stores. Then the customer will have to validate the transaction by payment by cash or by bank card. However, there are various services available to you that specialize in gift cards.

Companies that allow printing of gift cards

There are many companies that print gift cards. They are divided into 2 categories.

There are those who do it online. Among these, the best rated by Internet users are:

  • My gift card,
  • Vista print,
  • Can go,
  • Hello print,
  • Cardan printer,
  • Discount card,
  • Large printing houses.

These e-gift card companies, in addition to a cost delivery time, offer you free delivery. In addition, there is the possibility of opting for reception via mailbox or transferring it directly to the beneficiary.

Apart from e-gift cards, it is possible to print them at the printing plants in your locality. In case you doubt their locations, you can activate your geolocation, detect them and get there. By going there, you will have more of the advantage of getting your gift card already printed in no time.