What’s the best accounting software ?

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The choice of an accounting software is generally made according to the size, activities and management needs of a company. These types of program are therefore adapted to each structure. However, among the common accounting software adopted by professionals, three products that can be used online rank higher. These are Quickbooks, Freebe, Sage business accounting and invoicing. The ease of use, the complete functionalities of Quickbooks software nevertheless raise it to the top of the ranking.

Quickbooks accounting software

Quickbooks is an online accounting and invoicing tool. It bears the mark of the American specialist in the design of management software Intuit.

Easy-to-use software

It is a cloud-based program that does not require the installation of any modules. Updates are not necessary. To use it, you need a computer, an Internet connection and a browser. Unlike most products in its category, Quickbooks can be used from a mobile phone.

The brand has designed an application compatible with Android and iOS devices. The professional solution offered by Intuit is suitable for independent contractors, small businesses. Its optimized interface makes it easy to learn. It is available in three versions, Simple Start, Essentials and Plus.

Product features

On the Quickbooks user account, a dashboard provides all accounting information on the company, purchases, sales, cash flow, results. The tool includes options for invoicing, VAT management, customers, expenses. Bank synchronization allows the entrepreneur to connect the software to his bank account. Quickbooks is compatible with payment solutions and remains globally reliable, with its anti-fraud certificate.

Freebe, a solution for self-employed people

Freebe is a practical and comprehensive tool that sole proprietorship promoters can use for preparing invoices and quotes. This management solution accessible online offers an automated summary of the micro-enterprise’s accounting. The addition of the bank synchronization function further facilitates accounting treatments and saves the user time.

In addition, Freebe is configured to calculate the amounts to be declared to URSSAF, then make the declarations online. It is easy to use and suitable for drawing up quotes and invoices, calculating VAT, knowing the cash point.

Sage business accounting and invoicing

The Sage brand has positioned itself among the leaders in the design of management software with an easy-to-use product, Sage Accounting and Invoicing. It can be accessed like the Quickbooks tool from a computer, smartphone or tablet. It is intended for self-entrepreneurs and creators of small and medium-sized businesses. They can use it to produce documents related to invoicing such as quotes, purchase orders, invoices.

The tool configured in cloud mode can be synchronized with the professional bank account in complete safety. All the classic accounting documents can be produced there, balance, balance sheet, income statement.

Quickbooks, the best solution

Quickbooks can be used by micro-businesses as well as small and medium-sized businesses, which is not the case with Freebe, for example. On its Plus and Essentials versions, it has more advanced accounting functions than Sage accounting and invoicing. The inability to file tax returns online or the lack of a forecast dashboard is another handicap of Sage’s software.